Ricky Richter


For the past 16 years, Ricky has spent the majority of his life in the construction industry. From his first job as a parts runner/laborer all the way to certified Re Bath installer, Ricky’s keen eye and attention to detail has seen many trades and helped him on this path to being your next favorite certified Home Inspector.
Ricky is from a small town in Arizona, just north of the Mexico border called Sierra Vista. This high desert is home to Ft. Huachuca and the Buffalo Soldiers. During his time in Arizona, Ricky moved around the construction industry to really get a taste for what each trade does and how a project should look when completed correctly. One of Ricky’s most recent accomplishments is being a former employee at the #2 military installation in the world to live on. The position held on Ft. Huachuca was Quality Control/Turn Inspector. Not unlike a home inspection, this position focused on the life, health, and safety of the residents on the installation and is the last check before the government inspects the unit.
In 2013, Ricky met his now wife, Jordan. They quickly fell in love and 3 years later, the family grew by one member with the birth of their son, Cadence. In 2019, Ricky and Jordan were married among family and friends. Shortly after, Ricky visited his in-laws in Tennessee. Having a passion for music, Ricky knew this is where the family needed to be. Jordan agreed with Ricky so during the height of COVID, the family uprooted and Ricky acquired a position at Campbell Crossing on Ft. Campbell performing the same duties. Ricky became a certified home inspector in 2021 and has been pursuing this path diligently ever since. Ricky’s deep-rooted faith helps keep his integrity intact while performing any task. He looks forward to serving you in the best possible capacity and perform your inspection to the highest standard.

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