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Have you ever wondered what radon gas is or why you should be concerned about it? Let House Call Home Inspection help. Our team of experts has provided top-level radon testing to Nashville and the surrounding areas since 2017. Don’t hesitate. Call us at (615) 682-2387 or schedule an inspection online today.

Accurate Radon Home Inspections

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas often found in the soil and rock under buildings. It can seep through the cracks in the foundation or gaps around windows and doors. Just a small amount can put people at risk for lung cancer, so it’s essential to check for radon in any home inspections you get from House Call.

If our radon inspections detect the gas in your home, we can tell you how much is present and exactly how to mitigate it. Testing is the only way to know it is present. Whether you are looking to sell your home and are in the pre-listing stage or are a buyer looking at existing homes, commercial properties, or new constructions, a radon inspection is invaluable.

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House Call creates a custom experience for each customer. Beyond our radon house inspections, we offer inspection services, including:

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Susana M.B.Susana M.B.

AMAZING!!!! Can I just say that this company is so professional! They are worth every penny. They are detail oriented and don't miss anything that would affect your home. We added the thermal imaging to our inspection and it showed all the places where there was heat intrusion/cold air loss. Their report was professional with photo documentation and their recommendations were spot on. I can't thank them enough for the peace of mind I have now. Highly recommend you give House Call Home inspection a shot when you need an inspection done on your property!!!

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Melissa GliottoniMelissa Gliottoni

We contacted House Call home inspection for a new home we are planning to purchase. They scheduled it quickly and Chris was extremely thorough and informative. In addition his report was completed in such a timely manner. His findings and explanations were extremely well written. I would use their services again and recommend them to all

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Samantha KeoughSamantha Keough

They are awesome! So quick to get you scheduled, got out there, was so nice at the inspection and thorough. You could tell by the way Justin spoke he was actually concerned about the property and us. I love their communication and system, plus all the services they have to offer! Great company all around.

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LeAnn SinkLeAnn Sink

Very thorough inspection and well explained throughout. My clients were very happy with the services they received. I was more impressed with the time Justin took with me, as the agent, to go over issues that needed further explaining and he wasn’t rushed or bothered by this. He even provided his cell number for clients or myself to call if needed. That’s good service and providing good service from start to finish is what’s it’s all about. Thank you!

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To learn more about radon testing, how we test for it, and the steps we take for mitigation, House Call Home Inspection is ready to help. Located in Nashville, we proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hendersonville, and parts of southern Kentucky. Schedule online now or get an instant quote from our friendly staff or call (615) 682-2387 for a thorough home or commercial property inspection.

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