Lead Paint Testing Services

If you are buying or selling an older home, it might contain lead paint. House Call Home Inspection prioritizes lead paint testing. Since 2017, we have served Nashville and the surrounding areas. If you suspect your home may have lead, schedule an inspection online or call (615) 682-2387 to begin.

Thorough Lead Detection Services

Lead paint was used in homes for many years before finally being banned in 1978, and over five million homes still contain some. When improperly maintained or disturbed, even small amounts of lead exposure can cause neurological problems. Common areas to check during lead-based paint inspections are windowsills and door frames. House Call will detect any traces in the home with lead paint inspections. The best part is that our services are affordable and fast.

If we find any lead after lead-based paint inspections, we’ll recommend a course of action to remove the substance. We encourage extreme caution, as some removal methods increase the risk of lead exposure.

Our Specialty Services

Thanks to our customer-first approach, it’s hard to top House Call for lead inspection services. With inspection packages for every customer and property, plus inspection services as add-ons, we go the extra mile.

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Scott AnneseScott Annese

Rickie was absolutely awesome. He was very thorough and had extreme attention to detail. It was an honor to have him inspect the house. He is the golden standard of what house inspectors should be. My hats of to you sir! Thank you for a job well done 🫡

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Angela Marie MercadoAngela Marie Mercado

The experience was House Call Home Inspection was an excellent one! They were VERY thorough and professional. The way that the results were presented were easy to understand- coming from someone who has no idea what to look for in an inspection. Both my husband and I felt very confident that their inspection gave a true story of the home. Thank you House Call Home Inspection !

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Burt MckenzenfeldsterBurt Mckenzenfeldster

Ricky was very thorough with the inspection. Took time to explain the findings and answer any questions I had regarding the report. No major structural issues were found but he picked up a lot of medium to small issues which needed attention. After the inspection I received 100+ page report with plenty of photos and detailed description of each finding, including suggested remediation steps. Overall I was very happy with the service, well worth the cost!

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Mark KozenMark Kozen

It was a bit challenging when we initially called to get the receptionist to clearly understand what we wanted done but the service itself was excellent. Inspector Kenny was friendly, professional and informative throughout the inspection. He was very thorough in explaining his findings in order for us to make decisions on rectifying any issues. Highly recommend Kenny and this service even though the receptionist seemed unclear of our request.

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Lead paint testing is an integral part of a home inspection, especially for homes built before 1978. Get an instant quote online or call us at (615) 682-2387. We serve Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas, including Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hendersonville, and parts of southern Kentucky.

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